Attribute Not Equal Selector [name!=value]

attributeNotEqual selector

version added: 1.0jQuery('[attribute!=value]')

  • attribute
    An attribute name.
    An attribute value. Quotes are optional.

Description: Select elements that either don't have the specified attribute, or do have the specified attribute but not with a certain value.

This selector is equivalent to :not([attr=value]).


Finds all inputs that don't have the name 'newsletter' and appends text to the span next to it.

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <script src=""></script>

    <input type="radio" name="newsletter" value="Hot Fuzz" />
    <span>name is newsletter</span>

    <input type="radio" value="Cold Fusion" />
    <span>no name</span>

    <input type="radio" name="accept" value="Evil Plans" />

    <span>name is accept</span>
<script>$("input[name!=newsletter]").next().append("<b>; not newsletter</b>");</script>