jQuery.ajaxSetup( options )

Description: Set default values for future Ajax requests.

  • version added: 1.1jQuery.ajaxSetup( options )

    optionsA set of key/value pairs that configure the default Ajax request. All options are optional.

For details on the settings available for $.ajaxSetup(), see $.ajax().

All subsequent Ajax calls using any function will use the new settings, unless overridden by the individual calls, until the next invocation of $.ajaxSetup().

For example, we could set a default for the URL parameter before pinging the server repeatedly:

  url: 'ping.php',

Now each time an Ajax request is made, this URL will be used automatically:

  data: {'name': 'Tim'},

Note: Global callback functions should be set with their respective global Ajax event handler methods-.ajaxStart(), .ajaxStop(), .ajaxComplete(), .ajaxError(), .ajaxSuccess(), .ajaxSend()-rather than within the settings object for $.ajaxSetup().


Sets the defaults for Ajax requests to the url "/xmlhttp/", disables global handlers and uses POST instead of GET. The following Ajax requests then sends some data without having to set anything else.

   url: "/xmlhttp/",
   global: false,
   type: "POST"

 $.ajax({ data: myData });