Fixed external toolbars

The header and footer on this page are outside of the page within the body. They have been set to position fixed.

Auto init

Because these toolbars are not within the page they will not auto initalize. You must call the toolbar plugin yourself.

	$( "[data-role='header'], [data-role='footer']" ).toolbar();


Since external toolbars are outside the page they don't inherit a theme from the page. This means you always have to set a theme for them. You can use the data-theme attribute for this or set the theme option when you call the plugin:

	$( "[data-role='header'], [data-role='footer']" ).toolbar({ theme: "a" });

True persistent toolbars

Because External toolbars are outside of the page they are not effected by transition and make truly persistent toolbars possible.

Persistant toolbar demo