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The Page Loading Widget

The page loading dialog was previously configured globally with three settings $.mobile.loadingMessage, $.mobile.loadingMessageTextVisible, and $.mobile.loadingMessageTheme which are now deprecated. In addition to the methods for showing and hiding, $.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg and $.mobile.hidePageLoadingMsg are also deprecated.

The page loading widget handles the task of displaying the loading dialog when jQuery Mobile pulls in content via Ajax. It can also be displayed manually for custom loading actions using the $.mobile.loading helper method (See the global method docs).

To configure the loading dialog globally the following settings can be defined on its prototype during the mobileinit event.

Below are the defaults:
$( document ).on( 'mobileinit', function(){
  $.mobile.loader.prototype.options.text = "loading";
  $.mobile.loader.prototype.options.textVisible = false;
  $.mobile.loader.prototype.options.theme = "a";
  $.mobile.loader.prototype.options.html = "";

These settings will be overridden by the deprecated settings to preserve backward compatibility. Once the deprecated settings are removed these defaults will only be superseded by the method params object described in the global method docs under $.mobile.loading.

$.mobile.loading( 'show', {
	text: 'foo',
	textVisible: true,
	theme: 'z',
	html: ""

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